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Our shipyard – JANUKOWICZ YACHT – was established in 1996. We have been actively operating on the Polish and European market ever since. We have adequate facilities and experience which are necessary when it comes to building yachts for demanding clients. Every boat that we build is certified with CE marking, which confirms its safety, high quality and compliance with the required standards. We are a member of the Polish Chamber of Marine Industry and Water Sports – POLBOAT. 

Janmor 33 is a yacht built  by JANUKOWICZ JACHT on the basis of hull made by Janmor. Janmor 33 is not a serial yacht. We are able to realize almost all ideas of our future users. We always start our projects from the collective overthinking of a client’s needs and optimal adaptation to expectations  of a ship-owner.  We are experienced in fixing installations of many different kinds. For interior design, depending on an individual preferences, we can use any type of wood of a client’s choice. We encourage you to look at the pictures of our previous projects, which were developed in close cooperation with other ship-owners. Hopefully, they will provide an inspiration.
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We cooperate with reliable suppliers. We provide efficient warranty and after warranty service. We use the best and trusty materials. Our harmonious team puts its heart and soul in every boat that we build. We like what we do, especially that each boat is different, unique and inimitable. Every one of them reflects its owner.

We are here to fulfill your dreams!

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